Is Xtrant really free?
Yes - Xtrant is free and anyone can sign up to start using it immediately - no trial period - unlimited contacts (we call them "people"), up to 10 projects (need project 11 - delete an old project) and up to 250MB of storage.  Post links and files off all kinds, add notes and comments, schedule milestones and manage assets - our free Xtrant does everything but track time.

For time tracking plus gobs of storage you can simply upgrade to pro..  

Why can't I just pay to add storage to my free account? 
You can, by upgrading to Pro - that's the whole point.

What's the difference between Pro and Business Xtrants?
A "Pro" account is an upgrade to your free account, it increases your storage, let's you have unlimited projects and lets you track time on all your projects.

A "Business" account can be an upgrade of your Pro account OR a completely separate Xtrant that you belong to.  It allows you to add multiple internal users and has even more storage than a PRO account.  A business account allows up to three initial internal users, and allows the addition of as many internal users as you'd like.

What is the difference between an "Internal" and "External" user?
You are the Internal User of your Xtrant, and if you are have a Business Xtrant, your team members can be made Internal Users.

An "Internal" user can create NEW projects, POST ITEMS in Presentation and Review and comment on them, POST NOTES in Running Notes and comment on them, and TRACK TIME within a project.  Internal users can also be given administrative privileges allowing them access to REPORTS, ALL PROJECTS within the Xtrant and ALL CONTACTS.

In a project, an "external" user (like a client or vendor) can only view and comment on presentation items, post and comment on running notes, and post attachments to running notes ONLY in the project's they are given access to. 

Why can't I just pay to add internal people to my Pro account?

You can, by upgrading to Business - that's the whole point.

 Do I need a "Pro" account to get a "Business" Xtrant?

No, you can keep your personal free account and purchase a business account.  Your Xtrant login will bring you to both of your Xtrants.  And you can start as many Business Xtrants as you care to.  (Most people only need one, though.)

Can I be "Internal" on multiple Xtrants?

Yes - anyone with a Business Xtrant can make you an "Internal User" on their Xtrant - when you log in your dashboard will show the Xtrant's you belong to and you can navigate to each one.  Your dashboard will also show all the projects you are on in any Xtrant.

Can I upload (obscure file type) to Xtrant?

Xtrant will accept almost any file type for upload within a project (though we may limit certain file-types for security or other policy reasons.)

We endeavor to keep a list recognized file types (i.e. .psd for "Photoshop Document", .xls for "Excel Spreadsheet" or .zip for "zip archive") and display those files with their proper description.
If you upload an unrecognized file type it will be simply labeled "file".) And please, if you have a file type you think we should recognize, please tell us and we'll try to add it to our database.

Why doesn't Xtrant do (insert feature here)?
We've spent a TON of time (you didn't know time was measured in tons?) thinking about what Xtrant should do.  We've tried to make Xtrant a very flexible tool while keeping it simple and easy to use.

While It's likely that we've thought of the most of the features you might suggest and either:

A. Plan to carefully and elegantly implement them as we update the Xtrant experience or have,

B. Ruled the idea out as anathema to our philosophy of Xtrant (you didn't know we had a philosophy of Xtrant either?),

we are not so arrogant as to think we have nothing to learn from our valued customers.  Please make suggestions in the feedback section of this support site, and thank you for your interest and support of Xtrant.

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